What do you do when...

every word you say hits a brick wall?

When obedience turns into a negotiable concept?

When you get so frustrated that you want to stomp and yell and punch the wall?

When the entire household has molasses running through their veins, 
but the schedule races by at the speed of light?

When everyone, including you, needs something dramatic and new,
all at the same time?

When you need to be doing 5 things all at once...
but can't seem to even manage one successfully?
I get excited!

It's when those seasons come that I lean deeper into my Rock. 
He put me here. 
He has made me content to be a wife, a mother, a help-meet, a homemaker, a teacher...
I love watching our home get rocked this way

The outcome is beautiful!

We all emerge clean and shiny, washed by the rain of trials and friction, cleansed by the act of humble submission to our Heavenly Father, 
author of
and peace
giver of wisdom
lifter of the weary
light for those who stumble
encourager of the mommies

protector of their children

leader of the lost.

So, we wait. I pray and observe...both myself and my children. I take notes, find scripture, get ideas from others, pray some more, and let the Lord make a new plan. This happens every so often to us...mostly when I'm feeling puffed up and prideful that I CAN DO IT!

Because, after all, I can't do it! It's only Christ through me that can...

It's a hard lesson learned, one that I apparently need to learn over and over again.
This time seems to be a bit harder than others...and I'm seeing bad fruit from bad choices.


Jesus will be glorified here!

And it will be a beautiful thing...