Happy New Year!!

Having a three year old is just an excuse to sleep early on new year's eve. Ok, so we slept at 10:00, but just to enjoy our holiday better rested. We explored South, this time, it was Margaret River for our first camping trip with Skye. Again, surrounded by majestic beaches beyond the eyes to see. We stayed in a tent all three of us and at night when everything was quiet, the kangaroos would sneak up to graze around us. We stayed in a caravan park full of families. There was a bouncy castle, a volley ball and basket ball field, a tennis ball court and they even had an outdoor cinema for the kids under the stars.
Every beach we went to was busy with surfers,windsurfers and kite surfers. We also found an impressive shell museum. It took Michael a lot of convincing to get me out of there. I felt like a kid in a candy shop.
We did not have time for the vineyards and the wineries, unfortunately.

                                                   The view outside our tent!!!!

                                           Daddy and Skye snoring in the tent....Zzzzzzzzz

One of many vineyards we came across. The locals call this one "the chick on a stick".