We interrupt this program...

Today was a good day...

Just a day to stay at home, listen to the rain
learn something, cook some food
clean a bit
snuggle and read
you know, normal stuff!

as soon as I woke up I knew I had to visit my chiropractor.
From all the enthusiastic violin practicing I've been doing with the children
my jaw and neck were hurting
and boy were they in pain this morning!
I could barely open my mouth...

So, a phone call and a frantic hour later
we were on the road.
The appointment was at 11, which meant we had to leave at 10

If you've read previous posts of mine
you'll know that leaving the house at 10 is *yawn* early morning for us!

Thank goodness for extra homemade turkey sausage patties from yesterday in my fridge
and a quick kefir smoothie!

Anyway, after a crazy unexpected three hours in which I began to feel tremendously better,
we pulled in the driveway where I was greeted by a text message from a friend asking
"r u home?"

Want my honest reaction?

*inward groan*
*thoughts of being dishonest*

I don't like to be interrupted!
And we had JUST pulled in the driveway, for heaven's sakes! 
After a morning of a huge interruption!

I replied

And in 15 minutes had an onlooker while I fed the kids and cleaned up the kitchen...sort of

(are you ready? this is big...)


chatted nonstop for several hours with a friend that I hadn't seen for quite a while that used to be one of my closest friends who said she was lonely and unsettled and we got interrupted several times by the kids but it didn't phase me because hey, the whole day so far has been an interruption, right?


And you know what?
It was great!

Yes, the house suffered...
dinner was late...
part of school didn't get done...
violin didn't get practiced...
the children watched a couple movies...

But it was OK!
We had a great time and shared things that needed to be talked about between the two of us.

And, best of all, I was reminded of something.
A truth that MUST be remembered if you are going to be a successful parent.

The interruptions in your day are God breaking in and giving you an opportunity to teach the children something about life, and giving you an opportunity to practice patience, grace, gentleness or any other character lesson He is teaching YOU!

Interruptions are the alarm clock going off, reminding you not to get too caught up in
the busy, but to stop
in the

To be interrupted is a gift.