5 years...

1,825 days...

43,8000 hours...

2,628,000 seconds...

gone by in a blink of an eye!

I still think, "Wow! I have a DAUGHTER!"

Someone to train to be a wife and a mother

Someone who will watch my every move and want to be like me...good or bad

A little person who is like me but also completely un-like...

She mystifies my head
my heart completely understands her


 Having a daughter is NOTHING like having sons...

I'm still surprised!

 She's a delight to watch...

dancing and singing her way through life
loving passionately
hating with fury

There is no lukewarm here!

Stuffed animals are her companion and lovie of choice
I was exactly the same...
and like her, I had a toy tiger!

She's a rose petal tornado...

wild wind

She amazes me every day
and teaches me things about myself
sometimes I do not want to learn

Five marks the end of a journey
and I'm sad

in awe of what will be happening
right before our eyes...

grace and beauty...
laughter and sweetness...

tigers, lions and poodles
plastic food
and princess dresses

songs and dances
and falling down

silliness and tears and
coloring books

in {Love} for 5 years...

can't wait for the rest!