Skye is Four!!!!

Time flies by....And another birthday! I cannot believe that she is four!
It was a wonderful day in particular because Michael took the day off to spend it with us. So we went to the beach and we saw dolphins maybe 50 meters far from us!

I really think it is wise working with that age group to have birthday parties outside your house, for insurance purposes! My house is still in one piece and I kept it that way by arranging the party outdoors in town. It was so much fun and less stressful.
Skye and I have been working on the decoration and the colourful crafts for days. She wanted an all-the-colours theme birthday party.

The birthday party was a blast. The highlight of the party was the cake. You should have seen the kids' reaction! Once on the table, they could not keep their hands off of it! I have never seen such a funny reaction! Everyone wanted a piece of that cake and noone was willing to wait. They wanted to touch, to smell it, to bath in it. They were shrieking of excitement. Hilarious! I blame the candy and the colours. I am actually quite proud of baking it!
Then at the end, we had a treasure hunt and the parents hid lots of candy and sweets in the garden for them to find.

Skye had a very special day thanks to everyone who made it happen. Thank you for all your kind wishes and your thoughtful gifts.
One of the major hits other than the cake was the tent mommy and daddy bought for her and all the pretty glittery gifts, legos, toys and games she received. Thank you again.