Just Mine

{Just a post with 
just pictures of 
just what I touch and work on during
 my day}

I wanted to see what I see all day besides the kids...
I think a couple kids snuck in there
but I tried to isolate and photograph 
just what I do

Call it an experiment in "maternal social studies!

serving breakfast
{homemade grain-free granola and raw pastured milk}

someone who is very grateful for the nutritious food I work hard to provide

Heading to the shower...
{this robe has seen me through pregnancies, sickness, cold days, sad days...and yes, I'm aware that it has yellow bath ducks and bubbles on it!}

Arthur...on the way upstairs
{long story, still makes me laugh}

And this still makes me smile!
{we worked so hard on this room, never thought we'd be finished...still love it up there}

Nasty...but cute
{this bathroom is older than your grandmother and dirtier than the bottom of an inner city dumpster...the day we rent a truck and haul away the guts of this room will be a happy one, indeed!}

Favorite jeans
{that of course were discontinued right after I ordered them and fell in love!}

 Other random stuff I must use each and every day
{in our other bathroom...that is older than your GREAT grandmother and dirtier than...well, I can't say! Not sure which one I'm more excited about tearing in to}

Waiting for me at the foot of my bed
{our "laundry room" is actually a small closet...IN our bedroom. Mixed feelings on that one!}

Checking in, and finding diligence!
{not normal...but warms my heart when it happens. Usually when I step out of the room, pandemonium breaks loose. Hence the reason I don't seem to get as many daily showers as I should!}

LOTS of tea bags...

for LOTS of kombucha
{this was my first gallon batch...isn't it pretty?}

If it isn't written in here, we won't be there!
{this is my paper-brain...couldn't live without it}

And if it isn't written in HERE, my kids won't be learning it!
{I heart my planners!}

Back in the kitchen to make lunch
{they all LOVE celery!}

Finding a misplaced water bottle

This is never empty...
{sad, but true!}
{I'd LOVE to have two dishwashers!}

Apron love

Something else to trip over
{but loyal companion!}

Dinner leftovers
{grain-free biscuits with jelly}

My light saber...duh-DUH, duhduhduhDUH-duh
{I love this broom...makes me happy to sweep!
and yes, there's a little St*r Wars love around here, too}

What's in there for tomorrow?
{can you spot the leeks, pastured chicken, farm eggs and cod liver oil?
Oh, and Ruger is looking for a carrot!}

This means bedtime is almost here...
{or maybe this was me starting it at noon!}

I would like to try this again but with a different theme...
maybe like "what I taught the kids" or "what we read" or "what I cooked"