Whale Watching!!!!!

Yes, we had a brilliant weekend ! It was like a dream. We went whale watching. After being on a boat for less than an hour, we spotted a mother and a calf. Then later on, 2 other humpback whales appeared. They were so playfull, breaching and splashing with their tails and bobbing here and there. They were BIG , the guide said at least 40 tonnes, that is why they can only jump out of the water 3 to 4 times maximum. They get tired too quickly.The whales were so close! One actually swam under the boat! Yes! under the boat!

They migrate every year during this time and we are so lucky to have them pass these waters...

Whales are as big as a moving van and weigh as much as 8 elephants

Whales lived on land 45 million years ago and had 4 legs

They are mammals, not fish. They breathe air, and their tail moves up and down. (Fish breathe water and their tails move side to side)

A whale can eat 4000 pounds of plankton and krill a day, but can go 8 months without eating.

At birth, a baby whale is 12-16 ft long, weighing almost 2 tons.

And Skye in all of this??? She was over the moon! She did not miss anything and saw every detail. She did not complain once and she has her parents' sea legs. The sea was quite rough and choppy and a few people were sea sick, but not Skye!