Skye is Threeeeeeeee!!!!

Waou! What a day! Just brilliant!

All her friends showed up to wish her a very happy birthday and to bid her farewell!

And guess what? Almost all her family was there as well to celebrate with her!

Between the horse rides, the magnificient Barney cake and all the slides, Skye was running everywhere, playing with everyone...Basically, having a ball! And it was a ball!

Her daddy and uncle Fadi set up the tables and the balloons. Her aunt Marie fixed her hair beautifully, she had her party dress on, a bit of glitter on the face and off we went to the park! It was a joined birthday with her best friend Oliver.

I just want to thank everyone who made her day possible, all her friends, her family and her neighbours. Thank you for all the pretty birthday cards and the gifts. I'll let the photos do the talking...