Halloween 2010...

A friend of ours invited us to a Halloween party. The kids loved it and played all night riding their bikes around and around the big yard. Luckily, we went to a baby market which sold second hand items the day before the party and I managed to find a green motorcycle for her, like the rest of the boys for 50 dhs!

As a two year old toddler, Skye decided not to wear a costume this year and of course no one can force her. So she went as herself, wearing a dress with a party attitude, insisting on having lots of fun...And we all did!

Skye even went to bed at 9:30 which is a first!

There was also a daughter and father pumpking carving competition which Michael and Skye won. They carved a Jack the Winker pumpking with the help of Martha Stewart's arts and crafts ideas over the internet.

You have to know that these 3 boys and Skye have history together. They have known each other since they were born! We actually meet up at least once a week so they can play, fight and share or Not share toys!

Hope everyone had a good Halloween and if you don't like this holiday or you don't celebrate it...well, it is another excuse to have a party and get surrounded by friends, isn't it?

Our pumpkin. What do you think?

The Bikers! Vrrooommm!!!