My Day at the Hospital...

I have been experiencing a lot of digestive problems lately, such as bloating and abdominal cramps. So I switched to soy milk. But it did not end here, I could not even digest a small slice of cheese without problems. So I went to see the specialist who suspected a certain bacteria called 'Helico Bacter', and the only way to confirm her diagnosis was to put me to sleep for an endoscopy.
Before I go any further, just wanted to say that I have never been admitted into a hospital never mind being put to sleep. Of course, Skye was born in a hospital but I was never put down to sleep. So you can imagine how I must have felt: Someone so healthy all their lives, never been sick except for the occasional flu, I was so nervous, I had butterflies in my stomach for days, and of course which made matters worse with all the gastric burning and cramps.
Saturday arrived sooner than I expected. Michael stayed with Skye at home babysitting and I got myself admitted for half a day and decided to take a taxi back home.
Everything went well, I woke up so groggy and feeling like I have been hit by a bus. The doctor confirmed the diagnosis and I started on antibiotics straight away. I am still a lactose-free person, I will gradually start having diary products once I feel ready. And good news, no ulcers, nothing serious, not yet, we caught it right on time. This bacteria could cause serious damage to your stomach, between bleeding ulcers and even cancer if left unattended for a very long time.
So, now I feel much better and I don't have any balloons trying to burst out of my belly. No wonder I could not fit into my trousers!